About Me

hi, i'm stefanie! i'm a 29 year old native austinite. my current hobbies are photography and baking. i used to be really into live music but due to some medical complications i haven't been able to see as many concerts as i would have liked to this year.

 i was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and i'm currently trying to learn as much as i can about managing it so i can try to maintain a somewhat normal life. it's all a bit overwhelming at the moment but i'm confident that i can take control of this.

i have 2 nephews who are the lights of my life. i am a super aunt and i can't imagine not living in the same cities as my boys. i am very close with the rest of my family as well. there aren't very many of us and we're all in austin so it's pretty easy to sustain those relationships.

you'll find all kinds of stuff in this blog like musical rants/praises, pictures of my nephews, endless updates about doctor's appointments and lab tests, stories from the past, stuff that makes me laugh, stuff that makes me mad, you name it. i'm not a niche blogger so you never really know what to expect in this little corner of the internet. either way, hopefully some people will find something entertaining here. thanks for stoping by!