Monday, August 13, 2012

there are no clean bathrooms in corpus christi

it's true. i used several bathrooms while in corpus and none of them were clean, not even the one in our hotel, er i mean motel, room. but i digress. other than the dirty potties i had a really great time on our short trip. i won't bore you much with words, i'll bore you with pictures!

exit corn products road to get to the hojo!

we had dinner at fajitaville the first night, then went to an HEB in scary town. actually, most of corpus is scary town. after that it was back to the hojo for some olympics watching. the next morning we went to the texas state aquarium and the uss lexington. here are a ton of pictures. 

then we went to whataburger by the bay! it's 2 stories! haha! after that we went back to the hojo to dry off (corpus christi is sweaty). then we had dinner at bill miller and watched a shitload of olympics while drinking skittles vodka and pineapple upside-down cake cocktails. 

before we left on wednesday morning we went back to whataburger by the bay for breakfast and they were out of honey butter. no honey butter chicken biscuits?! boooooooo. but i had the pancakes and they were surprisingly delicious. 

then we went to see the selena statue! 

until next time, corpus christi! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

on finally getting a hair cut

for years my friend rachel cut my hair. then about a year ago she moved to nashville. ahhhh! i mean, i miss her tons for reasons other than just her excellent haircutting skills and how she would never let her personal tragedy interfere with her ability to do good hair.* i normally only get my hair cut 2, maaaaybe 3 times a year. so rachel cut my hair last summer before she moved and then i had it cut at the end of january. my sister and i found a nice salon is a nice, quiet area that we really liked. and then it closed. of course it did! i liked the girl who cut my hair but not enough to try to track her down wherever she is now. a friend of a friend works here and i'm not kidding when i say that that is the worst business website on earth. so i'm in kind of a crunch because i really need to get my hair cut tomorrow. it's my last day off for a while that i am free to get a hair cut. of course i didn't realize that until last night. so i called to see if my friend's friend had ANY availability tomorrow and i got an answering machine (even though they are currently open) and it said to leave a message and they would return my call. yeah, that's not going to happen. i don't have time to be playin' phone tag with a salon. that is ridiculous. 

so i scoured yelp until i decided i would just bite the bullet and schedule an appointment with someone at chuck edwards. seriously, how beautiful is that site? i was able to book online without having to call or leave a message anywhere. THEN i continued reading the yelp reviews and i saw one from my friend alicia (who has also suffered since rachel moved). that was reassuring. so tomorrow at 11:00 i am getting probably 6 inches of hair cut off. i cannot freaking wait. 

*a little steel magnolias reference for you. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

teeny tiny vacation before mini vacation

just earlier today i was thinking that i should blog about my upcoming trip to chicago in 3 weeks but then a couple of hours ago my friend bonnie and i started planning a trip to corpus christi next week. just monday-wednesday but that's really all the time i need at the beach. i don't actually think we'll be spending much time on the actual beach anyway, just exploring around town and drinking summer-y cocktails ie anything containing mango rum. 

i found a howard johnson there that is only $50 a night! i stayed at a hojo on south padre a few (uhh 7?) years ago and i actually really enjoyed it. it was on the other side of the island from the "good" beaches so it was considerably cheaper than the other places. the hojo in corpus has a 3.7/5 rating on which is more than good enough for me. and bonnie is so easy going, as long as it's not bug infested i don't think she'll care at all. and i know she'll be down with hitting the aquarium and maybe a museum or two instead of sweltering on the beach all day getting a sunburn. 

and you better believe i'm looking up dive bars on yelp! when i went to south padre the best time we had was at a dive bar across the parking lot from the hotel called the pirate's den. i'm hoping this weird lizardoz sub pub lives up to my beach-town-dive-bar expectations. 

and i've already made a 3 hour playlist on spotify which is how long it takes to get to corpus christi from new braunfels (where we'll be leaving from). i'm out of control. i wish i could plan things for a living. trips, parties, whatever, i'm a natural planner! 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

going back

i've spent a lot of time over the last 24 hours reading back in this here blog and man, i've done a lot of bitching about health related stuff! BUT i also used to do stuff and be interested in things like music and movies! i also used to be kind of funny. so maybe i'll make an effort to try to be more like that girl again? i think that would be fun. 

i like to complain sometimes (all the time)

we've been having a somewhat "mild" summer so far this year. not many days over 100 and whatnot. but anything over 90 still makes me feel like shit. since i have fibromyalgia i am lucky enough to experience pretty severe muscle pain, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, and depression when the temperatures rise. i also cannot sleep at all. i have horrible muscle aches all the time and they are nearly unbearable when i'm sitting still, like laying in bed. so i sleep for 3-4 hours a night and then wake up in worse pain than i was when i went to bed. the lack of sleep causes muscle fatigue, and when you add that to muscle pain, you have a serious problem. 

as if i'm not already far enough in the dumps, i have nights like tonight where i get really down on myself for being antisocial. it's not that i don't want to hang out with you (and you and you) but i just don't have it in me. i'm lucky enough to make it to work every day. i've only missed one day of work so far this summer and since i was out so many days back in april for surgery, i can't really afford to miss much more this year. anyway, i just always feel like the biggest asshole when i have to cancel plans or not show up to something i said i would be at. i miss my friends :( 

i just spent the last hour looking through my old photos on facebook of times when i felt better, physically and mentally. it's not helping! i mean, it cheers me up for a second and then i get sad that i'm not having similar good times right now. it's lame, i know. at least in the fall/winter when it finally cools off i won't have 50 million sinus infections bringing me down like the last couple of years. so once it get below 85 or so, watch out world! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

sweat it out, sweat it out

i took the most amazing bath this weekend. that might sound totally weird and/or creepy but i don't care. let me preface this by saying that i've been taking relaxation baths a few times a week for about a year now. that bath is 2 cups of epsom salt, a cup of buttermilk, and a few drops of lavender oil. it's great. it really does help me relax and it helps with all the muscle pain and cramps that i get (especially in the summertime). well this new bath is a detoxifying bath that includes all the previous ingredients with the addition of about a tablespoon of baking soda and a coule of tablespoons of freshly shaved ginger root. i ran the bath as hot as i could possibly stand it, turned on some blind pilot, grabbed my kindle, and sat in the tub for 30+ minutes. 

i can't really describe what it felt like but i cannot recommend it highly enough. i've only been in a sauna once and i hated it because i couldn't breathe. i have this weird thing where i hate/can't breathe in really hot air. like, when the heater is on in the car i have to roll down my window to feel like i can catch my breath. anyway, this ginger bath made me sweat like i was in a sauna. my eyebrows were sweating! i ended up having to put my kindle down about 20 minutes in because i was getting super light headed and i didn't want to end up dropping it in the water or something. 

i felt absolutely amazing, albiet sweaty, afterwards. i added more lavender than i normally do and i think that plus the detoxing helped temporarily reduce this giant knot i have on the back of my neck. it would be wonderful maybe i continue these baths and the knot is reduced permanently. don't even get me started on this thing either, it's the worst. i've already been to the doctor about it twice this summer. ugh, whatever. anyway, this bath was a great way to cleanse myself of the drinks i had friday night before and during the blind pilot show! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

another update


it's been 18 days since my surgeries and i'm doing pretty great. the healing process in my throat seems to have slowed down a bit and the left side is still a bit raw and has felt the same for the past 5 or 6 days. my doctor says it looks fine though and not to worry, it is actually healing. my sinuses and nose feel great. i got my sinuses vacuumed out again this past thursday and it was a little less awful than the first time and i don't have to go back for 2 weeks. 

i go back to work on thursday and i definitely don't want to. i haven't technically been medically cleared to go back but i know i'm able to go back now. i am not super happy with my job so being away for 3 weeks is going to make it really tough to go back. ugh.

earlier tonight i was watching the mets vs phillies on espn and the announcers were talking about jonathon niese and how he had a nose job in the off-season. apparently it started as a cosmetic thing but then niese actually discovered that his nasal passages were blocked and he had a deviated septum. one of the announcers said, "yeah, they told me that i had a deviated septum but then when i found out what the surgery entailed i told them i would just learn to breathe through one nostril. you get two black eyes from that surgery!" first off, the surgery really isn't that bad. maybe it's because my throat hurt so incredibly bad the first few days that i didn't notice any other pain but i really never experienced any in my nose or sinuses. secondly, i did not get two black eyes from having a septoplasty. my friend jason actually inquired about that a few days after the surgery. i told him that i didn't have them but if they developed i would be sure to take a picture for him. i wouldn't say that i wanted two black eyes but it would have been kind of funny. i mean, it's not like i was even leaving the house during that time so it wouldn't have really mattered. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

just checking in

well, here i am 9 days after surgery and i have to tell you, i'm doing pretty well. the day before i was scheduled to go in my doctor called and told me that he was adding a septoplasty to my list of procedures. i knew that my nose was a little wonky because the first time i went in he did a nasal endoscopy and the scope wouldn't fit down my left nostril at all. so anyway, i started getting super nervous about that for some reason, even though everything i read said it wouldn't be that bad.

the first couple of days immediately following the surgery weren't too bad because the anesthesia was still wearing off. i ate some pudding and applesauce those days but i think that's about it. mostly i just slept and tried to drink as much juice and gatorade as possible. i won't lie to y'all and tell you that it all felt awesome, because it certainly didn't, but it was nothing like i was expecting. 

i had my first post-op appointment on thursday and my doctor said that everything is healing very well. then he vacuumed out my nose for an hour. i'm not kidding. it was pretty awful. in fact, it was by far the worst thing about this entire experience. it didn't hurt, perse, but the pressure of having a really long metal tube shoved into your face is super uncomfortable. i think it presses on some weird nerves too because i almost passed out about 3 times. when i had that first endoscopy done i almost passed out while he was trying to look down the left nostril. i was super embarrassed but he said it wasn't that uncommon. then when it happened during the vacuum session he said that it happens all the time, which was a relief. i still felt bad because it kept happening and every time it did he would have to stop for 5-10 minutes while i laid there and try to get it together. it felt pretty damn great afterwards though, to have all of that stuff sucked out. i could breathe! 

my doctor told me that during the surgery when he got into my sinuses that he could not believe how inflamed they were. and this was just a normal day, i hadn't been sick or anything leading up to the surgery. he actually used the word "impressive" to describe the amount of swelling happening in there. it was even more swelling than my ct scan had revealed a couple of weeks prior. anyway, i'm just glad to have that shit taken care of! i'm not out of the woods yet, i have a lot of upkeep to do in terms of rinses and irrigation but it's a small price to pay to possibly never have sinuses that scary looking again!

in terms of the tonsillectomy, i was under the impression that it was going to be the worst part but i don't think it was. i guess the recovery is longer but i also was led to believe that the pain was going to basically be unbearable. sure, it's been rough here and there but it really hasn't been much worse than a really bad sore throat, of which i have had PLENTY. i'm well on my way to a normal diet again and even ate fajitas (slowly) tonight! on friday, after resisting for an entire week, i busted out a flashlight and looked at the back of my throat. hoooooly shit, y'all. what has been seen can never been unseen. i'm sure if you're really gross and want to know, you can google imagine search that shit but wow, it was gross. i just couldn't resist any longer, i HAD to know what i looked like in there. i'm excited to check again in a week or two to see my throat without my huge (and i'm talking HUGE) tonsils in the way. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

final preparations

with my surgery on thursday i am trying to get all of my ducks in a row and, to be honest, i'm starting to spazz a little. i just feel like i have so much to do to prepare even though it really isn't much and i've already done most of it. to prepare for my recovery period i have procured the following items:

new comfy sheets
liquid tylenol
liquid zyrtec
an old lady nightgown
probiotic packets to mix with applesauce (so the amoxicillin won't make me sick)
a kindle touch
a roku 2 
a shitload of saline nasal spray
60 otter pops

i have also rearranged the furniture in my bedroom so my bed is close to the door so i can have easier access to the bathroom. i got all of my prescriptions filled today at work and i just need to remember to pick them up tomorrow before i leave (tomorrow is my last day to work before the procedures). i need to do some more grocery shopping and i need to call the doctor's office to get a couple of questions out of the way. other than that i think i'm pretty much set? ugh i don't know. this feels worse than trying to pack for a vacation even though it really shouldn't. i'm going to have at least one family member around AT ALL TIMES for the first few days so even if i have forgotten something i can always send them to get it. i think i'm just trying to find something to freak out about so i don't freak out about the actual surgery. i'm not worried that anything bad is going to happen to me while i'm "under the knife" but i'm really concerned with the level of discomfort that i'm going to be in afterwards. i've never had surgery before. i mean, i've had a couple of oral procedures done that required anesthesia but nothing that took more than a few minutes. i do remember being remarkably pain free after having my impacted wisdom teeth removed though. maybe that's a good sign? 

the idea of taking so many liquid medications makes me want to gag. i'll be taking vicodin, amoxicillin, tylenol, and zyrtec in liquid form for at least a week, if not longer. vom. i'm totally getting my vicodin and amoxicillin flavored at my pharmacy though. i'm thinking maybe grapeaide for one and strawberry swirl for the other? my tylenol is grape and the zyrtec is cherry. i figured i would mix things up so that they don't all have the same flavor. 

i have already planned out my last 3 meals as well. on wednesday morning i will have tacodeli for breakfast, chick-fil-a for lunch, and homemade pot roast for dinner (made by my sister). i'm pretty excited about all of it!

now, what are some movies/tv shows on netflix instant and books for kindle that you guys recommend for while i'm recovering? i need stuff that is pretty light/easy to keep up with since i may be in and out of consciousness thanks to the painkillers.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

let's pretend i've been doing something interesting

it looks like the last time i blogged was when i was sick a couple of months ago. i'd like to say that i got better and have been so extremely busy doing interesting and exciting things but that's just not true. no, instead i've been sick on and off pretty much all year and have mostly just been working and trying to relax when i'm not working. in 9 days i am having surgery to remove my tonsils and adenoids as well as to remove dead tissue from my maxillary sinuses and open them up. the hope is that once my sinuses are able to drain better i might not get so many sinus infections. and apparently my tonsils are in pretty bad shape. just gigantic with scar tissue. lovely, i know. i am definitely looking forward to no more sore throats and possibly no more (or at least not as many) sinus infections. what i'm not looking forward to is 2-3 weeks of recovery. it's going to suck but i know it will be worth it in the end. i'm going to read my kindle and watch lots of netflix during the recovery period. oh, and take lots of liquid vicodin.