Monday, May 7, 2012

another update


it's been 18 days since my surgeries and i'm doing pretty great. the healing process in my throat seems to have slowed down a bit and the left side is still a bit raw and has felt the same for the past 5 or 6 days. my doctor says it looks fine though and not to worry, it is actually healing. my sinuses and nose feel great. i got my sinuses vacuumed out again this past thursday and it was a little less awful than the first time and i don't have to go back for 2 weeks. 

i go back to work on thursday and i definitely don't want to. i haven't technically been medically cleared to go back but i know i'm able to go back now. i am not super happy with my job so being away for 3 weeks is going to make it really tough to go back. ugh.

earlier tonight i was watching the mets vs phillies on espn and the announcers were talking about jonathon niese and how he had a nose job in the off-season. apparently it started as a cosmetic thing but then niese actually discovered that his nasal passages were blocked and he had a deviated septum. one of the announcers said, "yeah, they told me that i had a deviated septum but then when i found out what the surgery entailed i told them i would just learn to breathe through one nostril. you get two black eyes from that surgery!" first off, the surgery really isn't that bad. maybe it's because my throat hurt so incredibly bad the first few days that i didn't notice any other pain but i really never experienced any in my nose or sinuses. secondly, i did not get two black eyes from having a septoplasty. my friend jason actually inquired about that a few days after the surgery. i told him that i didn't have them but if they developed i would be sure to take a picture for him. i wouldn't say that i wanted two black eyes but it would have been kind of funny. i mean, it's not like i was even leaving the house during that time so it wouldn't have really mattered. 

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