Sunday, July 29, 2012

teeny tiny vacation before mini vacation

just earlier today i was thinking that i should blog about my upcoming trip to chicago in 3 weeks but then a couple of hours ago my friend bonnie and i started planning a trip to corpus christi next week. just monday-wednesday but that's really all the time i need at the beach. i don't actually think we'll be spending much time on the actual beach anyway, just exploring around town and drinking summer-y cocktails ie anything containing mango rum. 

i found a howard johnson there that is only $50 a night! i stayed at a hojo on south padre a few (uhh 7?) years ago and i actually really enjoyed it. it was on the other side of the island from the "good" beaches so it was considerably cheaper than the other places. the hojo in corpus has a 3.7/5 rating on which is more than good enough for me. and bonnie is so easy going, as long as it's not bug infested i don't think she'll care at all. and i know she'll be down with hitting the aquarium and maybe a museum or two instead of sweltering on the beach all day getting a sunburn. 

and you better believe i'm looking up dive bars on yelp! when i went to south padre the best time we had was at a dive bar across the parking lot from the hotel called the pirate's den. i'm hoping this weird lizardoz sub pub lives up to my beach-town-dive-bar expectations. 

and i've already made a 3 hour playlist on spotify which is how long it takes to get to corpus christi from new braunfels (where we'll be leaving from). i'm out of control. i wish i could plan things for a living. trips, parties, whatever, i'm a natural planner! 

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