Thursday, August 2, 2012

on finally getting a hair cut

for years my friend rachel cut my hair. then about a year ago she moved to nashville. ahhhh! i mean, i miss her tons for reasons other than just her excellent haircutting skills and how she would never let her personal tragedy interfere with her ability to do good hair.* i normally only get my hair cut 2, maaaaybe 3 times a year. so rachel cut my hair last summer before she moved and then i had it cut at the end of january. my sister and i found a nice salon is a nice, quiet area that we really liked. and then it closed. of course it did! i liked the girl who cut my hair but not enough to try to track her down wherever she is now. a friend of a friend works here and i'm not kidding when i say that that is the worst business website on earth. so i'm in kind of a crunch because i really need to get my hair cut tomorrow. it's my last day off for a while that i am free to get a hair cut. of course i didn't realize that until last night. so i called to see if my friend's friend had ANY availability tomorrow and i got an answering machine (even though they are currently open) and it said to leave a message and they would return my call. yeah, that's not going to happen. i don't have time to be playin' phone tag with a salon. that is ridiculous. 

so i scoured yelp until i decided i would just bite the bullet and schedule an appointment with someone at chuck edwards. seriously, how beautiful is that site? i was able to book online without having to call or leave a message anywhere. THEN i continued reading the yelp reviews and i saw one from my friend alicia (who has also suffered since rachel moved). that was reassuring. so tomorrow at 11:00 i am getting probably 6 inches of hair cut off. i cannot freaking wait. 

*a little steel magnolias reference for you. 

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