Monday, August 13, 2012

there are no clean bathrooms in corpus christi

it's true. i used several bathrooms while in corpus and none of them were clean, not even the one in our hotel, er i mean motel, room. but i digress. other than the dirty potties i had a really great time on our short trip. i won't bore you much with words, i'll bore you with pictures!

exit corn products road to get to the hojo!

we had dinner at fajitaville the first night, then went to an HEB in scary town. actually, most of corpus is scary town. after that it was back to the hojo for some olympics watching. the next morning we went to the texas state aquarium and the uss lexington. here are a ton of pictures. 

then we went to whataburger by the bay! it's 2 stories! haha! after that we went back to the hojo to dry off (corpus christi is sweaty). then we had dinner at bill miller and watched a shitload of olympics while drinking skittles vodka and pineapple upside-down cake cocktails. 

before we left on wednesday morning we went back to whataburger by the bay for breakfast and they were out of honey butter. no honey butter chicken biscuits?! boooooooo. but i had the pancakes and they were surprisingly delicious. 

then we went to see the selena statue! 

until next time, corpus christi! 

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