Thursday, April 24, 2008

garth, that was a haiku.

so i found this haiku generator and i plugged this blog's info into it and these are some of the things it came up with:
this text from carlos jorge from the kosher deli in sf and pita it across the room because it was such a piece of art in the world hot is supposed to mean second of all the people who have i screen because i can take comfort in knowing that if i can catch some it for a blue shirt to help me put my own shit into perspective i'm tired of gibbs and all the people who are unavailable hot chip would like to try all of them were sort of god oh i take that i used custom time on this one yeah that's efren ramirez pleasant and nice to catch at least one of those blogs have a good time at not fair not fair not fair i've got nothing that sign says warning stay back
haha some of those are really amusing! i think the last two are my favorites. also, i've made a springtime mix that will likely turn into my summertime mix, unless something great comes into my life to prompt me to make another mix. 1. saul williams-list of demands 2. mgmt-weekend wars 3. she & him-this is not a test 4. band of horses-cigarettes, wedding bands 5. old man river-la 6. joseph arthur-radio euphoria 7. vampire weekend-oxford comma 8. mgmt-time to pretend 9. the brendan hines-guess what 10. rilo kiley-breakin' up 11. hot chip-ready for the floor 12. old man river-sunshine 13. feist-sea lion woman (chromeo remix) 14. justice-d.a.n.c.e. 15. joseph arthur-king of the pavement 16. radiohead-jigsaw falling into place there were other songs i wanted to put on it but i already have memories with those other songs. i need to make new memories with new music. a couple of these already remind me of sxsw but i think they need to stick around longer. i don't know if you guys realize how important it is for me to be able to hear a song and immediately have a memory (good or bad) come to mind. i love it so much.

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