Wednesday, April 30, 2008

metropolitan hotel and other stuff

tonight i spent some more time playing with that photo editing software that i got a few weeks ago. i randomly decided to use my pictures from the metropolitan hotel in asbury park, nj. that, of course, led me to blogs and photos and bla bla bla until i ran across this person on flickr. i urge you to check out his collection abandoned but not lost. he goes around to creepy rundown institutions and takes pictures inside them. he has taken some truly amazing photos and some frightfully haunting ones as well. the developmental hospital for children and darkstone psychiatric hospital probably creeped me out the most. anyway, in my quest for information about the metropolitan hotel i discovered that it was demolished a couple of months ago. the blog that i linked above has all the details about the building's history. i've only been to asbury park once, and we weren't even there for that long, but it was long enough to figure out that it's a sad, sad place. i uploaded some of my "work" to a flickr set earlier. it's certainly not anything too exciting. it's weird, some of those pictures would look totally normal to me if i didn't know they had been altered. i have such a hard time when it comes to messing around with photos like that because i can never make up my mind about what looks best. i think that's why i normally just post pictures as they are. there are too many choices in that editing software! i do really like how this bubble turned out on this particular shot though (click on it for a larger view):


Lizzie said...

Have you seen Dutch's photos at Sweet Juniper? He shoots a lot of abandoned buildings in Detroit (along with other things), and they're amazing.

stefanie said...

oh cool! thanks for the link, liz!