Saturday, April 12, 2008

preparation for festivities

it's officially robin's birthday. we're having a small gathering at amber and lolo's then heading downtown. we had thrown around the idea of doing a bbq but we're all pretty broke and bbqs can get expensive so we opted not to do that. sarah is making some buffalo chicken dip, i'm not sure what it entails but apparently it's horrible for you. haha!

i decided to make something that i wouldn't eat, but i know other people will enjoy. cherry tomatoes stuffed with ranch dip, chives, and bacon. it's a variation on a bite-sized blt. the original recipe called for mayonnaise and i thought that sounded really disgusting. so while i was shopping for the other ingredients i ran across some ranch dip and thought that sounded much better. i also got some hummus (the brand that josh always buys from the kosher deli in SF!) and pita chips. i walked around HEB for like 10 minutes looking for pita bread. seriously, looked ALL over the store. i finally found it and the selection was awful. it was all soggy and gross looking so i just went with the pita chips instead.

oh, kelly's first night was fun! we went to happy hour at moonshine, then a trip to the liquor store, a stop at bender to do a shot, and then over to robin and greg's for some quality hangout time. neither kelly or i got carded at the liquor store which really bugged me. that's the second time now that that's happened to me. i'm not a fan. and now i'll leave you with this adorable picture of sarah and kelly from happy hour.

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