Sunday, April 27, 2008

who doesn't like to watch something fantastical?

i now own something that was originally aired on the sci-fi channel. there, i said it. i was at target earlier picking up some pictures that i had printed from my flickr account when i decided to head to the dvd section. i'm a weak person. i walked past the tin man dvd and decided i had to have it. i didn't watch it when it originally aired but i knew i would love it. and i figured that spending $20 on something that would keep me home on a saturday night wasn't such a bad thing. if i had gone out tonight i would have definitely spent more than $20. i love zooey deschanel. love love love. and kathleen robertson? clare arnold from 90210? hello! i'm not really a huge fan of alan cumming but i enjoyed him in this. he actually kind of reminded me of johnny depp in charlie and the chocolate factory. the production value of this mini series must have been pretty high. everything is absolutely stunning! very aesthetically pleasing. i guess i'm kind of a dork for stuff like this seeing as i watched the wizard of oz and return to oz each about a million times when i was little. i now own both of those movies on dvd. i would say i watch return to oz more often than the wizard of oz but they both get a decent amount of play considering i have a rather extensive dvd collection. so what this all boils down to is that i highly recommend tin man. buy it, rent it, whatever! just watch it. i think it comes in at just under 5 hours so unless you're a complete loser like me, it doesn't necessarily need to be viewed all in one sitting.

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