Sunday, April 6, 2008

weekend update 1

i completely forgot that this weekend was texas relays. i was quickly reminded when EVERY exit on i-35 was closed and i had to cross the damn river before i was able to exit to head to casey's house (who lives off 7th street). so annoying. we all enjoyed a couple of pre-drinks before heading down to see the ramonahs. if you visit their myspace and check out the album "debut show- pastime tavern" you'll get a good idea of what the show was like. we were all expecting real drag queens with makeup, fake nails, and ridiculous high heels. that was obviously not what we got, but it was still awesome. musically they sounded pretty much exactly like the ramones which isn't hard given that most ramones songs consist of about 3 chords. it was enjoyable and definitely worth the $3 cover. i think i went to bed around 3:00 and woke up at 8:00. ick. i really require 8 hours of sleep each night. it took me a long time to get moving but i finally left the house sometime after 10:00 to head to my sister's baby shower. i was a shaky hot mess for most of the shower. sooooo hungover. not cool. the shower was fun though, we didn't have to play any stupid games which i was very happy about. and there was a lot of delightful food. mmm! after the shower some of us went to opal divine's for a couple of hours. after lunch i came home for a nap. i totally crashed for a little while, then i had to head to my sister's for dinner and basketball. i have never been so nervous about a basketball game in my life. i was seriously concerned that unc (mostly that dipshit tyler hansbrough) were going to run all over my jayhawks. the game was alllll over the place! at one point kansas was leading by 28 points, then down to only 5 points, then back up to 18 at the end of the game. i was a nervous wreck when their lead got down to 5 points. i didn't know if i could watch the rest of the game but steve made me. i'm glad i did! i really think that kansas stands a chance against memphis. especially if they were able to (mostly) dominate unc like they did. i can't wait until tomorrow night! i really wish i could go to the game. it's in san antonio...that's so close! today i will be bumming around the house all day. that's what sundays were made for. there are lots of baseball games for me to watch today and i will be perfectly content lounging on the couch all day.

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