Thursday, May 15, 2008

appropriate displays of emotion

sports media has been buzzing about yankees' relief pitcher joba chamberlain's fist pumps upon getting a strike out in a tough situation. for weeks now, yankee manager joe girardi has said that he's not worried about joba's fist pump. he doesn't see it as a problem. some players do, and some players don't. goose gossage said that there is no room in baseball for "joba's antics". but while all these people are ripping poor joba apart, has anyone stopped to consider the way manny ramirez acts every single time he hits a home run? believe me, do a google image search for "manny ramirez home run" and you'll see that it is a reoccurring event. he throws his arms up in the air and casually jogs around the bases, letting his battlefield earth dreds blow in the wind. so, how is that not a problem? or how about how every time someone hits a walk-off home run, the team celebrates like they've won the fucking world series? i don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating a win, especially in extra innings, but what makes that better than an innocent fist pump?

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