Sunday, May 4, 2008

it was a minor game

last night i went to a round rock express game with my sister and steve. the express are the triple a affiliates for the houston astros. this weekend they are playing the las vegas 51s, the triple a affiliate to the dodgers. and their logo is hilarious! anyway, it was a really pleasant evening. i believe it was in the high 70s when we got there and it got down to right at 70 by the time we left. and it wasn't even humid! it's almost always humid here. our seats were about 1/4 of the way from home to first, 14 rows back. only one scary foul ball came our way. we thought maybe if cecily got hit by a foul ball it would send her into labor. haha! got to see my boy, humberto quintero, catching for round rock. the back story is that i have a friend who's middle name is humberto (which i think is hilarious) so when i heard about quintero, i knew i had to love him. he was called up to houston for a while last year but he's back in round rock now. and the foxy reggie abercrombie! also, the 51s have andy laroche (adam laroche's brother) and angel chavez (he used to be in the yankees minor league system). the game was really good too. both teams were great offensively and defensively. the express ended up losing 5-3. here is a picture that i took of humberto using the color accent feature on my ca-ca-camera: more pictures can be found here. we're obviously still waiting for my sister to have her baby. it's getting really old!!

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