Wednesday, May 7, 2008

oh hai free money!

i got my stimulus money! this website said i would have it by may 7 but to be concerned (paraphrasing here) if i didn't get it by may 12. a friend of mine hasn't received hers yet and it was supposed to come last week so i started getting nervous. i just checked my account and there it was. i'm still at the birthing center waiting for my niece/nephew to be born so i'm not quite ready to order my camera yet but it should happen in the next 18 hours, hopefully. i'm so excited! yeah, so, baby update. there is no update. haha! we got here at 8:00 pm and it's now 2:30 am. i'm about to fall over in my chair but i'm trying to force myself to stay awake. there isn't really a good place for me to sleep anyway. i drank an energy drink about 2 hours ago and i can confidently say that it didn't do a damn thing. c'est la vie.

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