Saturday, May 17, 2008

random friday night

el chile opened a new location a couple of weeks ago. they don't have their liquor license yet, meaning, they can't sell booze. but they can give it away! so they're giving away 2 margaritas for each entree ordered. dana, alison and i went last night. i ordered the flautas, saying, "flautas are always a safe can't fuck up flautas." i was wrong. they were realllllly bland. i like bland food because i have sensitive taste buds, but these flautas literally tasted like nothing. our waiter asked how everything was so i told him, nicely, that my meal was not great. he ended up comping my entree so i didn't have to pay for anything. i really wasn't anticipating getting a free meal out of it, i just thought they should know (since they just opened) that my dish was not worth $11 or whatever it cost. after dinner we went to alison's and drank some more and watched how i met your mother on dvd. then we went to creekside where i ran into a really old friend that i hadn't seen in years. the funny thing is that yesterday morning i found a bunch of old yearbooks and i was looking through my kindergarten yearbook. this friend and i were right next to each other in our kindergarten pictures. so it was really random to run into him later that day. we've known each other for almost 20 years. that is insane! we also went to a party where i ran into some other old friends. i guess i might use the word "friend" loosely in that situation. it was weird. but overall it was a super fun night. too bad dana left for houston today for 6 weeks. LAME.

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