Tuesday, June 24, 2008


that's me and my uncle john at dinner the other night. he's my dad's little brother. he has always been one of my most favorite people in the universe. he was the first person i knew to buy a cd player and reebok pumps. he has a massive cd collection that he started back when the first cd was put on sale. i think i am where i am today, musically, because of him. he used to give me tapes and cds for christmas. he loved REM, therefore, i loved REM. they were my first favorite band. i wouldn't appreciate music nearly as much as i do if it weren't for my uncle.

there are so many things that i don't really know or understand about him though. he's kind of a mystery to me, just like the rest of my family. he lives in the farmhouse all alone with like 1 television channel. he may or may not have internet acess on his computer, i'm not sure. he just works around the farm and the house all day and i guess listens to music and reads at night. he wrote a book of poetry years ago and some other sci-fi novel that i haven't even attempted to read. i know that i should, but it looks fucking weird. i mean, john is fucking weird so...yeah.

kansas has amazing sunsets and john spent a loooooong time capturing those sunsets on film. i should scan some of his pictures in soon. they're really dramatic. so anyway, that's just a little about my uncle. i love him so much.

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