Sunday, June 1, 2008

get glowing

this group from here in austin, l.a.x., opened up for car stereo (wars) at beauty bar last night. i really dug their sound. i thought they were great. i will definitely be checking their myspace for more opportunities to see them again. beauty bar was packed to the gills, as was expected, and hot hot hot. we stayed outside until chris went on even though i think it was more crowded outside than in. we're not very smart. while we were outside we had some fabulous pictures taken by the wonderful nash cook. doug did the glow in the dark backdrop, it was super cool! i can't wait until nash posts the pictures. they're seriously awesome! car stereo (wars) was a freakin' blast. i we were dancing in front of a giant fan and i still felt like i was going to have a heat stroke though. and some lovely lady spilled lonestar ALL over my arm. it was neato. i thought, "neato, i'm not drunk but when i get pulled over later i'm going to stink of beer!" i didn't get pulled over, btw. anyway, back to the show...i think my favorite moment was the oc theme song with lil mama's "lipgloss". holy crap, it was AWESOME!! on the way home we were behind an HEB 18-wheeler on 35. you know, the trucks that say, "follow me to freshness." yeah, except this guy was swervy mcswerverton so it was more like, "follow me to a fiery death." i was legitimately scared for a few minutes. i couldn't go around him because i didn't want him to swerve into my lane but i was scared to be behind him in case he got in an accident with someone else. at one point a fuel truck came up in the lane next to us and HEB guy was swervy towards him! i was scared shitless. those fuel trucks are just bombs waiting to explode. so the fuel truck guy honked his giant horn at the HEB guy. yikes. alright, lunch time. as soon as nash posts the pics i'll put the ones of me and josh up here.

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