Thursday, June 26, 2008

i thought you might be worried about the security of your shit

the coen brothers have a new movie coming out and it looks freakin' AWESOME!! my dad is hilarious. his cat, shonequa, has some sort of bladder infection. she just got over one. she will pretty much only drink out of the sink in my parents' bathroom so she got dehydrated while we were in kansas. when she has these infections, she pees all over the place. so here's the funny dad couldn't find any of his bandannas this morning (he uses them when he works outside...he wraps them around his head to catch sweat. gross.) so he grabbed one out of my mom's gym bag. then all morning he was thinking, "what is that disgusting smell?" cat piss on the bandanna. so he called my mom and asked her if she was planning on going to the gym after work and she said no. he said, "good because the cat pissed in your gym bag and i've got it wrapped around my head." hahaha he has a way with words that really cracks me up sometimes. -we played trivia at the pluckers in round rock last night because lakeline trivia is douchetastic right now. there was an entire sex and the city round! i got 9 out of 10 of them correct. the only one i missed was what day of the week does carrie's column run. i totally spaced and thought it was tuesday but it was wednesday. but i totally dorked out on one of them. the question was who did carrie dedicate her book to and i wrote "charlotte-the eternal optimist". i may or may not have too much time on my hands. we came in 4th. the sports round really killed us! -girl talk has a new album out. you can name your price for a digital download of it. it's super fun. i think "still here" is my favorite track right now. alright, i'm off to eat some lunch and then get my blood taken again. they found a high level of calcium in my blood last week so my doctor wants to check it again. apparently something like 98% of people with high calcium levels in their blood have hyperparathyroidism. some of the symptoms are dead on but i don't really think that means i have it.

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