Sunday, July 20, 2008

it's casey's birthday

and i made a random mix. sometimes i have very clear, thought out approaches to mix cds. other times i just wing it. 1. the helio sequence-hallelujah 2. black joe lewis-bitch, i love you 3. brazilian girls-pussy 4. faultline ft. wayne coyne-the colossal gray sunshine 5. ima robot-i'm a bitch for you 6. buddy-milkshake (kelis cover) 7. the brendan hines-top shelf 8. roxy music-love is the drug 9. gomez-dire tribe 10. electric six-gay bar 11. the flaming lips-can't get you out of my head (kylie minogue cover) 12. hot chip-ready for the floor 13. pinback-offline p.k. 14. scissor sisters-i don't feel like dancing in a few hours i will head over to casey's house to help celebrate. it's also hobbs' birthday so it's a double celebration! woo! also, last night i made a few more small changes to the ol' blog. i'm trying to keep things fresh and exciting. hahaha not really, i just got bored. the fresh prince/i love lucy poll was a total blow out so i took it down. hopefully i'll put a new one up in a couple of days, assuming i think of a good question.

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