Tuesday, July 1, 2008


bri and i were just having a conversation in comments on one of brynn's pictures on facebook. this strawberry picture, to be exact: we were reminiscing about the day it was taken (i took it, btw). let's go over what went down that day july 13, 2007 (woah i just realized it was friday the 13th, weird!):
  • we (me, jen, brynn, and bri) woke up in dallas
  • ate breakfast at denny's (we were staying at la quinta, which everyone knows means "next to denny's" not "free internet")
  • hit i-45 south headed towards houston
  • drove past this creepy statue of sam houston (i didn't take that picture)
  • stopped at a roadside stand and bought strawberries and some other fruit (my mind is totally blanking on the other fruit right now)
  • arrived at a super 8 in the woodlands...the room was hotter than hell and smelled like urine
  • went to a nearby barn/restaurant/bar thing for pre-drinks and dinner
  • headed out in search of orange stoli for a certain drummer
  • went into a totally ghetto liquor store that did NOT have orange stoli
  • found spec's liquor on the gps navigator (this was RIGHT before spec's opened in austin so i wasn't familiar with them) we walked in to find a stoli tasting which was basically free shots of stoli
  • got d-runk at the woodlands and watched brynn and bri get kicked out of the venue
  • went back to barn/restaurant/bar and discovered it was karaoke night
  • sang jolene, head over heels, and how we operate (totally appropriate since that was the song playing when the girls got escorted out of the show) much to the crowd's dismay...everyone else was singing country songs
  • ordered sprites at the bar and poured tito's out of my purse into the cup
  • bri chased a frog half the night
  • stopped at walgreen's and stocked up on microwavable foods such as burritos, mac and cheese, and popcorn and stuffed ourselves before passing out
if i have to go to houston, i want it to be like that. never a dull moment. now i'll leave you with this picture of me, bri, and brynn singing head over heels. word to the wise: do not try to karaoke that song. it might sound like a good idea but it's not. the last 2 minutes dragged on like schindler's list and the crowd of country fans looked like they were ready to kill us. and due to a lovely response all over the interwebz, i believe i'll be making a small series where i take a look back at a certain date in my history (mostly from last summer) and write about it here. it will be fun for everyone, i swear!


Brianna said...

I am laughing so hard I am crying right now!!!!! We all look really sexy in that pic too....

Charlotte said...

omg with the strawberries! ENOUGH ALREADY

OK, that's just me, but damn I'm so sick of them now and I still have a TON.

stefanie said...

bri-yessss very sexy picture. i mean, it was only the end of the LONGEST day ever...of course we look awesome.

char-i don't know how you could possibly be sick of strawberries. i could have my house filled from floor to ceiling and i would still LOVE them!!

Charlotte said...

oh i love them still, i should have taken a picture so you could see what 50 pounds of strawberries looks like. and to know that you have to wash and hull 90 percent of that? you'd be sick of them too...

that being said, i had strawberries with my dinner tonight and enjoyed them immensely.