Sunday, July 13, 2008

you spin me right off

earlier tonight cecily, steve and i were talking about spin off tv shows because i had an idea that they should do a spin off round at trivia one week. that would be fun! we tried to brainstorm some spin offs but we couldn't come up with many. however, the internet is ripe with that kind of information so here's a list of spin offs that i either like or am amused by: beverly hills 90210->melrose place buffy the vampire slayer->angel cheers->frasier the cosby show->a different world diff'rent strokes->facts of life empty nest->nurses friends->joey golden girls->empty nest, the golden palace good morning, miss bliss->saved by the bell grey's anatomy->private practice growing pains->just the ten of us happy days->laverne and shirley, mork and mindy, joanie loves chachi law and order->law and order: svu, law and order: criminal intent the mary tyler more show->rhoda, phyllis melrose place->models, inc. party of five->time of your life perfect strangers->family matters the practice->boston legal saved by the bell->saved by the bell: the college years, saved by the bell: the new class soap->benson three's company->the ropers tracy ullman show->the simpsons holy shit, just the 10 of us?? i had forgotten ALL about that show! i used to loooove it. yes, i know there are maaany other spin offs but, to be honest, i don't care. i'm not going to list EVERY spin off ever made. these are the notable ones to ME...since this is my blog. hehe! anddd i've used the words "spin" and "off" in this entry like a million times. here they are again: what's your favorite tv spin off?


Charlotte said...

of all time? totally have to agree and go with just the ten of us. that show was awesome

i may be wrong about this, but wasn't hangin' with mr cooper a spin off of family matters?

i could google it, but that would take too much effort

stefanie said...

i don't think so, i don't recall any over-lapping characters. and hangin' with mr. cooper was set in california, family matters was in chicago.

i wish just the ten of us was available on dvd. or even syndicated on tv!

Charlotte said...

no no no, i already watch too much tv, if they put it into syndication i'd have to quit my job!

stefanie said...

there are a few episodes up on youtube, split into 3 parts each. last night i watched the one where the girls accidentally hit father hargis's car and it rolls into the pool. classic. i also found a 9 minute "lubbock babes" singing montage.