Thursday, August 7, 2008

google goggles

i have a blog post titled "darvocet sucks" and when you google that phrase, my blog is like, the third result. hahah! another one is the phrase "bruised like a cherry" which is a rilo kiley lyric. if you google that one my blog is the first result. that is freakin' nuts! and this is just general google, not the google blog search option. i've also been found when searching for "mike mussina onesie" which is unfortunate because i don't think such a thing exists. i've written about mike mussina and i've written about onesies, but not together. other searches that have led folks to the blog: conor oberst acl aftershow i do not want what i haven't got sinead ben folds five whatever and ever amen "jenny lewis" costello stefanie fox spoon-gimme fiction i've also discovered that i have some regular readers who are mysteries to me. comment, folks! tell me about yourselves :)

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