Sunday, August 24, 2008

i definitely smell a pork product of some type

last night we (my sister, brother-in-law, and myself) were sitting around watching tv and out of nowhere my sister said, "you know what someone should combine? bacon and chocolate!" and i said, "someone has!" last summer when i was at whole foods with meghan, blackie, and dajon, blackie picked up one of the bacon bars, as well as one with curry and coconut. i was repulsed. i love bacon and i love chocolate but i couldn't imagine those 2 mixed together. cecily went to whole foods today to get one. i tried it and it wasn't bad. it was pretty much what i expected it to be; really deep, rich milk chocolate with super salty little pieces of bacon. i'm pretty sure when this item was first introduced to me i was picturing full bacon strips inside of a hersey's bar. haha that isn't what it's like though. i was just browsing the vosges' website and came across the flying chocolate pig. watch the little slideshow thingie, the pictures are hilarious. i sat down to read the barmaid blog tonight and saw that she had blogged about a couple of customer's asking if she could make a bacon-infused old fashioned. gross gross gross gross. that recipe makes the bacon chocolate bar sound DELICIOUS. and of course, all of this bacon thought reminded me of the maple bacon bar at voodoo doughnut in portland. if you ever find yourself in portland, do yourself a favor and go there. and order the maple bacon bar!


Alicia said...

There's a chocolate shop near my apartment that sells all sorts of chocolate + bacon confections. I'm afraid to try them, though.

stefanie said...

you should see if they have free samples. chocolate+bacon isn't bad but it's definitely not something i would eat more than a bite of.