Sunday, August 17, 2008

point and shoot rant

did you know that if you have a point and shoot digital camera that it actually takes your pictures in a 4.5x6 format? so if you print the pictures something will be cut off from the top AND bottom of your image. for example, here is a picture that i took with my elph: alison's head is already kind of cut off because she's too tall for me. and here it is, cropped as an actual 4x6: her head is really cut off now. and mine is a little too! fortunately, most places will print in 4.5x6 format now but it's significantly more expensive than a 4x6 print. however, most people don't know that their pictures aren't 4x6. i guess i just don't understand why digital cameras do that. why can't they just take it the right way? arrrghh. and one more thing: get prints of your favorite pictures. seriously, what are your kids or grandkids going to find in your attic when you're old? a broken dinosaur of a computer that they can't turn on? an SD card that will be completely obsolete by then? seriously, print print print. and don't print on a photo printer, those are crap. and some of the paper for home photo printing isn't even archival so it's not going to last that long. upload pics to target or walgreens or ritz or whatever. archive your memories. someone is going to want them someday.

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