Wednesday, August 20, 2008

some randomness

first, i would like to send a giant congratulations to one of my favorite couples, amber and lolo, on their engagement!! yay! on monday amber and i met at spiderhouse so i could see the ring and hear the story. we had a few drinks and talked and talked and talked. i had a blast! and i seriously could not be happier for the two of them. i'm so excited! i opened a tab inside at spiderhouse and then a waitress FINALLY came by to check on us so i asked her if i could order from her and have it charged to my tab inside. she said that wouldn't be a problem. when we realized it was 8:00 and that amber had some errands to run, we decided to head out. i went inside to close my tab but they didn't have my credit card. i went back outside and waited for the waitress for 5-10 minutes. then i went back inside to find out where the fuck my card was. a few minutes later, the stupid waitress strolled up. apparently she had the card ON HER while she was wondering around on a smoke break or something? i'm not really wild about that. have you guys yearbooked yourselves yet? i did and it was hilarious! tonight we are returning to pluckers for trivia. i guess we've only missed a week but it feels like longer! dana left on sunday for a 15 day euro vacation. i miss her so much already! boo.

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