Sunday, September 7, 2008

happy tin/aluminum anniversary!

this fall marks my 10 year "anniversary" with alison, alanna, dana, and josh. i just looked up the traditional and modern gift table for anniversaries and the modern gift for the 10th anniversary is diamond jewelry? daaaamn. we haven't had an official anniversary celebration but hopefully we'll do a dinner or something soon. we went out last night and discovered that our creekside doorman has saturdays off now. i may never see him again! okay, not really but it's still weird. also, bonsai wasn't at side bar. maybe he's on his yearly trip to the homeland. at least, i think he goes yearly. anyway, 7th street was just all topsy turvy last night with the absence of the doormen. i ate at the hot dog king next to red eyed fly for the first time since sxsw. it was amazingly delicious. i mean, it was just a hot dog and it only cost $2 but it realllly hit the spot. unfortunately i spilled ketchup on my pants though. doh!

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