Sunday, September 28, 2008

moose wins 20!

for the first time in his 18 year career mike mussina has won 20 games in a season. i was at work "watching" the game on yahoo's boxscore and freaking out. i was seriously soooooo nervous. don't believe me, check my twitter. haha! poor moose would have reached 20 wins a few starts ago if he hadn't had so many games blown by the bullpen. so it was extremely nerve wracking since it was the last chance he had to win this season. at the age of 39, most people think that mussina has pitched his last game. his career record is 270-153 so he would have to stick around for possibly 3 more seasons to reach 300 wins. and that's if he stays healthy. he's had some pretty bad luck in the injuries department over his career. i think that finally achieving a 20 win season might be enough for him. i know it's enough for me! he better get into the hall of fame :)

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Centrechick said...

Even though it was at the expense of my red sox, I was happy to see that about your Moose. :) You should try's gamecast to watch games at work, the graphics are nicer.