Thursday, October 16, 2008

i can hardly contain myself

in approximately 26 hours i will be landing in san francisco. i cannot even begin to explain how exciiiited i am. for the past few days i've been day dreaming about all the time i'm going to be spending with some wonderful friends, then today i realized, "wait, i'm also seeing ian and buddy TWICE!" that fact had somehow escaped my brain. crazy, huh? i mean, i always knew i was going to see them but i hadn't been thinking about it this week. i was excited enough at the prospect of seeing all my friends. my flight leaves at 7:40 tomorrow morning and i'm quite certain that i'm hardly going to sleep a wink tonight. i am pretty much completely packed but that doesn't mean i'll get to bed early tonight. i just know that i'll be too excited to sleep. you know, like that commercial where the kids can't sleep because they're going to disney land in the morning? "we're too excited to sleep!" yeah, that'll be me. i hope i can survive this work day. i work until 7:30 and i'm sure it's going to go by painfully slow. i've already been here for an hour and it feels like a lifetime. boooo.

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