Thursday, October 30, 2008

an arrested development halloween

on tuesday night kate informed me that we would be dressing up for trivia on wednesday night. i really didn't want to dress up until she told me that we were going as (most of) the cast of arrested development. people always tell me that i look like maeby so that was a pretty obvious choice for me. we didn't have a michael, gob, or tobias but i think we looked pretty awesome anyway.
steve as buster bluth
mikey as steve holt
brady as george michael bluth
robyn as lindsay bluth-funke
the whole group! steve (buster), mikey (steve holt), dana (ann), me (maeby), cecily & nels (mother-boy attendees), carol (lucille), brady (george michael), kate (kitty), carmen and robyn (lindsay)
did i mention that we won trivia? and did i mention that it was the finals? yesssss! we haven't won the finals since december of last year. yikes! we defeated our two rival teams which felt pretty freakin' great. we only won by one point!

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