Monday, November 17, 2008

i owe this to you 2.0

i just realized that i didn't really mention much about healdsburg or the winery. i had so much to write about that it slipped between the cracks. anyway, WOW. i had never been to "wine country" before so i didn't quite know what to expect. when we arrived at c. donatiello i was pleasantly surprised with just about everything about it. it was a beautiful day which heightened the experience for me. the gardens were gorgeous but i didn't spend much time walking around them. the stage set up was interesting because it was so high above the crowd. before the bands played i wasn't sure i was going to like that aspect but it didn't bother me once the shows were underway. now, this would be the part where i write about the wine but since i don't like wine, i really have no insight to offer. but, if the number of empty bottles at the rental house when i left is any indicator, it was damn fine wine. i also had the pleasure of meeting joel quigly at the winery. i really admire his passion for wine and music. i think that the two go hand in hand for a lot of people and by having these concerts at their winery, they've really found a way to bring the two together in a beautiful way. and it's great exposure for both their wine to be discovered by music fans, and musicians to be discovered by fans of c. donatiello wine.

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