Monday, December 1, 2008

hey hey hey!

i'm alive! i just haven't really had much to blog about recently. there will be lots of pictures in this post. fun, right?
thanksgiving was nice and low-key, as it almost always is. i dare say it was even a little boring. but that's okay. i took some pictures of cecily, steve, and nels for their christmas card. then i took these adorable pictures of nels in the span of about 60 seconds.
on friday we got a canon 50mm f/1.8 lens at work and i decided to snatch it up because it was so cheap. i adore it! saturday night we went to side bar and ended the night with a helldorado at jackalope.
sunday we brunched at hickory street which was fun but ended in a little bit of drama due to their horrible, horrible wait staff. but i had some delicious mimosas! 
then we went over to rachel's and had more mimosas and i took silly pictures of rachel and josh.
then i came home and slept for a million hours and woke up SICK. i thought i was sick last week but apparently that was just allergies because it wasn't shit compared to what i have now. ughhhh. i think it's just a cold but it's pretty awful. coughing, headache, achey body, lots of know, all the good stuff :( 

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