Sunday, December 7, 2008

lavatory doodles

for a while now i've been documenting amusing bathroom graffiti. rachel's awesome sister, breanna, has found some pretty great ones too. we joked about making a book out of them. then i discovered this site and am sad that i didn't think of it first! anyway, here are a few of my favorites that i've seen around town:


loriinthesky said...

my favorites in austin have got to be at the hole in the wall...not sure if they are still there but these were patti and i's faves...

"sex with vernon is so good, even the neighbors smoke cigarettes."


"i care about me, i care about him, i care about our dog."


stefanie said...

i never go to the bathrooms inside anymore so i haven't seen if it's still there or not. they have a whole separate bar and seating area in the back now that has bathrooms so i always use those.