Friday, January 16, 2009

bars serve booze?

apd released a list of the top bars in austin linked with dwi arrests from 2008. the information is based on what the people told the cops when they were arrested. here's the list:
1. rain
2. oilcan harry's
3. the ranch
4. lucky lounge
5. cedar street
6. the library
7. third base
8. blind pig
9. club rodeo
10. union park
11. antone's
12. fado
13. shakespeare's
14. maggie mae's
15. key bar
16. gruv
17. emo's
18. gingerman
19. speakeasy
20. j. black's
21. charlie's
22. fuel
23. doc's
24. lavaca street
25. molotov
26. jackalope
27. continental club
i'm not sure what it means that the top 2 bars are gay bars. probably nothing. it's nice to know that none of my 7th street bars are on that list. the only places on that list that i go to with any sort of frequency are emo's and jackalope. at least 15 of those bars are douchey to the max. 
i think that most of this is based on the patrol habits of the cops. but i do find it odd that emo's is the only place on red river that is listed though. but that's good!


Anonymous said...

"the top 2 bars are gay bars."

not being an austinite (is that what you go by?), how did i know this before reading that statement? :)

stefanie said...

we do call ourselves austinites! did you know based on their placement on the list or the names?

i just found out last night that oilcan harry was the name of mighty mouse's feline nemesis. hahaha!!