Tuesday, January 6, 2009

do you have a favorite day?

while going through my pictures from 2008 and reading back in my journal, i started to think about this day last february that could go down in my history book as one of the greatest days ever. nothing huge happened that day, and maybe that's why it was so wonderful. josh recently changed his facebook picture to this one, and breanna commented that it looked like "pure happiness" and it was.
we had gone out the night before, i think to creekside, and woke up feeling surprisingly good considering the amount of drinks consumed the previous night. we met up with dana and ian at z tejas for brunch. brunch wasn't awesome because my order got messed up twice, but it was still fun. after brunch, dana, josh and i went to target. i can't remember why we went there in the first place. maybe josh needed socks? i don't know. but i decided to buy a bubble machine and dana bought a 2 foot frisbee. we went back to josh's, got some cds and the laptop, and headed to the courtyard at his apartment complex. the following pictures depict that afternoon.
maybe some people experience fun like that all the time. i don't think we do. but i think that we should. why should "pure happiness" depend on what you're wearing or where you're going or what you're going to do once you get there? if you're in good company, why can't every day be this great? i recently resolved to be more fun in 2009. it sounds simple, and i hope that it will be. this resolution isn't just for myself, but for those around me. i don't want to be the downer, complainer anymore. lately i've found myself being dissatisfied with events that should be fun. i don't know why that is but i'm going to make an effort to have a good time rather than sitting around thinking, "i should be having more fun than this." i'm never going to be happy if i am constantly thinking something should be more than it is. 
so now i'll leave you with a question. do you have a favorite day? it can be your favorite day for any reason. it can be huge or small. or whatever it is that made it your favorite. 


Anonymous said...

i LOVE your resolution!! that's a great one. it's close to mine, too, which i haven't entirely put into words yet (but i will!).

one of my favorite days was a dual summer music festival day, one on a park on the river then cross the neighborhood for one at the park a couple blocks over. some of my favorite bands... good food... all-you-can-drink beer... and a bunch of neighbors and friends gathered.

loriinthesky said...

I had a lot of really fun days last summer, just enjoying chicago. there is a day from many years ago that sticks out in my head though....
it was when robin and i lived at the old house...i think before we met you and a group of us had gone to see vanilla sky. robin and i really loved it while the other half of our group hated it. i wanted to buy the soundtrack so robin, rylie, and i went to walmart to buy it. we were driving down parmer lane and there was that new apt complex that they built there close to 620...they had decorated the complex with all the pretty lights and we drove into it and played music and spun around. it was fun.

i like your resolution. reminds me of this part of eat, pray, love where she talks about her friend that cannot enjoy the moment and says "i can't wait to come back here some day" instead of enjoying that fact that she is there already!! crazy.

love you lady.