Monday, January 26, 2009

listen to changing horses

this album comes out in 8 days but you can listen to the whole thing over at i heard a lot of these songs when i saw him back in november. i really like this album. i don't know how it is going to be received by the masses but i don't really think ben gives a shit about that. he made an album that had been inside of him for a long time and that's probably good enough for him. i was raised on some of the same music ben was so i think these songs are great. a couple of years ago i saw ben several times when he was touring with gomez. he was covering "chug a lug" by roger miller on that tour. i was so excited every time he played it but most of the crowds didn't seem to recognize it. it was particularly funny when he played it in vancouver! i have my father to thank for knowing all those silly roger miller songs :)
and don't forget about this!

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