Sunday, February 8, 2009

new music and sxsw watch

head over to for a free download of the first single off their new album (set for release on march 31), airstream driver. it's super catchy!
if you preorder the new elvis perkins in dearland album, you get a free 128k stream of it. this one is released on march 10. i have a deep, deep love for the last elvis perkins album and i can't wait to see them again! 
i've been talking up black joe lewis and the honeybears for quite a while now. we go see them almost every time they play because their live shows are that much fun. so much energy! the music is like nothing else out there right now. if you live in austin and haven't seen them yet, what the hell are you waiting for? i've never known anyone to not have a wonderful time at one of their shows. it's just impossible not to enjoy it!
anywho, they just released a 10" available here. and it comes with a free "bitch i love you" sticker! believe, if i had had any cash on me when we saw them the other night i would have bought several of those stickers. haha! they also have a full-length album coming out on march 17. 
oh, i almost forgot! go check out the black joe lewis and the honeybears' daytrotter session. and then tell me that big booty woman doesn't make you want to dance.

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