Sunday, February 1, 2009

nomad brunch

i've heard good things about sunday brunch at nomad bar but i had never been until today. i met a few friends there this morning and was totally blown away. they had two chefs there making waffles and custom omelets/breakfast tacos. they also had biscuits and gravy, cheesy hashbrowns, sausage links, pork loin, bagels and lox, and probably some other stuff that i am forgetting right now. everything was incredibly delicious and the chefs were super attentive and friendly. they also have $10 bottomless mimosas so i got to fulfill by proclamation of "being outdoorsy in that i like getting drunk on patios" yesssss! 
so yeah, sundays from 11-2, nomad is where it's at. it was so nice to brunch somewhere that wasn't super duper crowded. so it's with a heavy heart that i recommend this to the blogosphere. i would like to go back and have the same experience again (not having to wait forever for food or a table) but i also think more people should be able to enjoy this shit, because it's gooood. 
ps-my resolution to be more fun when i go out is still going really well. i had a fantastic time at bender last night with my southside pals. 

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