Friday, February 13, 2009

this year's sxsw scandinavian prince is...

emil svanängen, otherwise known as loney, dear.  i saw him and his band open for andrew bird last night and i was super impressed. it was a very fun show. i particularly enjoyed when emil asked the audience to participate in a sing along to the meter marks ok. it was so beautiful. i got goosebumps! his between songs banter was quite funny as well. my favorite being when some girl in the crowd yelled out, "i love suspenders!" and emil said, "they're called braces, honey." i seriously lost my shit for about 3 minutes. 
anyway, he'll be back for sxsw this year (for the third? time) and i quite look forward to seeing him again. and in case you were wondering who my past scandinavian princes of sxsw have been, there are only 2 others:
2008: jens lekman 
andrew bird review to come later. 


Lizzie said...

Oooh, yeah, I saw him with Andrew Bird a couple weeks ago and thought he was (they were) fantastic. I have been a fan bascially since I heard the name and before I heard any of his music because Troy Loney was my favorite Pittsburgh Penguin when I was little. haha. I was like OMG, THERE IS A BAND NAMED AFTER MY DEAR LONEY.

I am a loser.

stefanie said...

haha you always have an anecdote! i love it! i really enjoyed their set. it was a pleasant surprise because i'm usually not impressed with most opening acts.