Friday, March 13, 2009

visually impaired aviator

last summer i downloaded "go on, say it" by blind pilot because it was the itunes single of the week. i don't always download those free singles and, to be honest, i can't quite remember why i downloaded that one. i listened to it a few times and then probably forgot about it. a couple of months later, i came across something on the internet that mentioned them and i thought, "man, i should check them out again." this time, i bought the whole album, 3 rounds and a sound, and fell into a deep, deep love with it. they remind me a lot of the shins+death cab+a little bit of elliott smith. i highly recommend buying it and listening to it for a week straight :) 
i was beyond ecstatic when i found out they were playing multiple shows at sxsw. they are playing two official sxsw showcases:
3/18 at midnight at submerged (333 e. 2nd street)
3/19 at midnight at club de ville (900 red river street)
and some free day parties:
3/18 ioada party at 3pm at emo's annex (600 red river street)
3/19 npr music for the right brain at 1:15pm at the parish (214 e. 6th street)
3/20 burnside distribution party at 1:40pm at threadgill's (301 w. riverside drive)
3/20 soundcheck magazine's third birthday party at 3:40 at emo's annex (600 red river street)
and if you're not one of the lucky people attending sxsw, check their spring tour dates to see if they're coming to a city near you. those of us in austin are lucky enough to see them at sxsw AND again at mohawk on april 7 for only $7

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