Thursday, April 23, 2009

maybe i'm not too old for this

this week i had my first of three back-to back-to back concert series that i have scheduled for the next couple of months. 
monday-david sedaris@riverbend centre
tuesday-spoon@scoot inn
okay, so david sedaris wasn't a "concert" but whatever! i was still out, seeing a performance instead of being at home vegging in front of the tv. 
david sedaris was absolutely hilarious. i've read most of his books but i've never gone to see him speak before. he's on a lecture series right now so he's just reading random essays that he's written. none of them have been published in a book though so it was all new material to me. and it was fabulous! i had tears in my eyes almost all night from laughing so hard.
spoon was interesting. i personally thought the show was wonderful. the new stuff was good and they played most of my favorites, including some real oldies. the crowd kind of sucked ass though. there was no energy. no singing. no dancing. nothing. usually when i see spoon in austin the crowd is completely nuts. it was very odd. i normally take pride in how awesome the crowds in austin are. i could go see a show in houston one day, then see the same show in austin the next day and the difference is like night and day because of the energy from the crowd. but tuesday night was just weird. 
i had the time of my life at guster. i ended up going by myself and that did not bother me at all. i loved every minute of it. i especially loved the part where ben kweller came out and played "i hope tomorrow is like today" and "say it ain't so" (weezer) with guster. it was unbelievable! i've actually had the good luck to see them on stage together once before but it was still quite a treat. and the gusters were sweet as always at the meet and greet. it was a super fun night!
instead of staying home and resting on sunday night in preparation for my week, i went out with lori who was in town on an overnight. surprisingly, it didn't kill me! i totally survived this week. well, so far. i still have friday and saturday to deal with. i can do it! i can do it! 

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