Thursday, April 16, 2009

project 365

a couple of years ago i meagerly attempted to do project 365 and gave up after roughly a month. i started it again today so wish me luck! meghan and i actually have a little contest going so whichever one of us gives up first LOSES. i really want to stick with it this time and not just because i don't want to buy meghan drinks next time i see her (the terms of our contest that i came up with...haha) but because i think it will be really cool to look back on it after the year is up. i actually really liked looking back on the month that i chronicled two years ago so i bet a full 12 months will feel great! i'll be posting them at least once a week in that flickr set and i might do a post here on sundays with that week's pictures, i haven't decided yet. 

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