Friday, May 1, 2009

musical memories are the strongest for me

Put all your music on shuffle, list and explain the first 15 songs with a memory attached.
okay, most of my memories are either from live shows or they're memories of an entire album. whatever. 
1. badly drawn boy-a peak you reach in may of 2002 my parents and i flew up to grand rapids for my sister's graduation from calvin college. about a boy was coming out in theaters that weekend and i had just finished reading the book. my sister's friend dan burned me a copy of the soundtrack while i was there and i listened to it on my disc man as i was falling asleep each night. later in the weekend cecily, sarah and i went to see the movie. the whole weekend was really nice and every time i hear any song from that soundtrack, my mind is taken back to that time.
2. the redwalls-falling down in july 2005 i went to lollapalooza in chicago with my sister and her husband. it was the first year they they produced it as a festival and it was only 2 days. on the first day we walked in and stopped at the first stage we came to. the redwalls were playing and none of us had ever heard of them before. i was hooked instantly. later that same year i saw them play at emo's with hot hot heat. it was a fantastic night!
3. modest mouse-trailer trash in may of 2007 i went to see modest mouse at the backyard. that show ended up getting shutdown early because of rain (even though the tickets said rain or shine!) but before they shut 'er down, modest mouse played trailer trash and it was incredible. dancing to that song in the rain is one of my most favorite concert memories.
4. liz phair-only son i bought whitechocolatespaceegg at a used cd store at 620 and 183 the summer after i turned 16. this song just reminds me of driving around in my red 2-door honda civic that summer
5. brendan hines-parcel post last february my friend dani suggested i buy his album, good for you know who. so i did. that night i went out with some friends and had a particularly crappy night but listening to brendan hines on the drive home really cheered me up.
6. jimmy durante-make someone happy when i was 10 my dad worked for a homebuilder who also owned some video rental stores. they used to get all kinds of movie related stuff in the office and one of the things they got was a cassette tape of the sleepless in seattle soundtrack. the songs that really stand out in my memory are make someone happy and bye bye blackbird. 
7. the yeah yeah yeahs-y control my only real memory of this song is singing it at lori and robin's old apartment. 
8. david garza-disco ball world high school high school high school high school! seriously, if i could pick one song that i associate the most with high school, it's probably this one. 
9. bob dylan and willie nelson-heartland this song is off an album that we used to listen to on our summer roadtrips. it reminds me of being cramped in a mini-van for hours upon hours, sleeping in a hot tent, and taking in all sorts of beautiful scenery in the western united states. 
10. the vapors-turning japanese one of my only real memories from seeing ian ball at cafe du nord in october 2007 is repeatedly requesting this song (apparently at a loud volume). i still think ian would sound great covering it!
11. the band-theme from the last waltz in february 2006 kelly and i drove to houston to see coldplay. we stayed at the magnolia hotel, which was very nice. the morning after the concert was rough, to say the least. i turned on the tv and flipped channels for 5 or 10 minutes. as i landed on ifc for probably the 10th time, the last waltz was starting up. rather then getting up and heading back to austin right away like we had planned, we stayed in bed and watched the whole movie. whenever i think back on that day, i'm filled with happiness and comfort. 
12. calvin harris-acceptable in the 80s a few months ago dana and i were chatting while watching law and order: svu. here is an excerpt from that chat:
Stefanie: good god, marital rape was legal  until the 80s?? Dana: haha oh man
Dana: i listened to this song today "acceptable in the 80s"
Dana: maybe it was about that
Stefanie: oh calvin harris?
Dana: haha yes
Stefanie: that's a catchy tune
Dana: yeah i like it
Dana: esp since i was born in the 80s
Stefanie: you were?
Dana: nope
so after that, acceptable in the 80s made me think of marital rape. not a great thing to think of but it's a funny story. 
13. death cab for cutie-brothers on a hotel bed i honestly cannot remember how or why this got into my head but every time i hear this song, or even read/think about it, i think about my name is earl because earl and randy share a bed in a hotel room. 
14. the decemberists-o new england i downloaded all of the songs from the bridesmaid series or whatever the hell they're called from an illegal leak. yeah, i said it. anyway, carlos and i went to see the d's at southwestern shortly after that and they played this song. so now this song reminds me of sitting in the bleachers in a gym that looked remarkably  like my high's school gym. yes, we had to sit in the bleachers because grandpa had torn his acl the day before. 
15. ryan adams-come pick me up in october of 2007 i went to san francisco to visit my california homies and see ian ball. meghan, matt, and dani were sleeping on air mattresses in the office so i took the couch. after the show, everyone else went to bed except for kerry and me. we turned on the tv and ended up watching part of elizabethtown. the only thing i really remember before falling asleep was hearing this song. it always reminds me of kerry. 

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