Sunday, May 17, 2009

welcome, cupcake!

for several days i've driven past an airstream trailer with the hey cupcake! logo on it. it's parked by thundercloud at 4 points (620&2222). i couldn't figure out if they were opening a location there or what! i searched all over the internet and couldn't find any information about it. well, last night when i turned onto 620 from 2222 i saw a cupcake on top of the trailer! and lights! and an "open" sign! and lots of people in line! so i guess there is a hey cupcake! by my house now. i am stoked. i found it a little odd that they opened one up there but i guess since it's practically summer and lots of people drive that stretch of highway coming and going from the lake, they figured it could be a lucrative spot. i hope it is. i know i'll be spending money there! 

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