Monday, June 1, 2009

poster child

a few days ago i received a package of gomez posters. i had a few left over from sxsw as well so i think i had around 40. i woke up early before work yesterday to fill all them in with the necessary information to promote the show at stubb's next monday. i had intended to put some up last night before i met up with lori and kelley at side bar but that didn't happen. after deservedly sleeping in today, i decided it was time to get to work.
thanks to past postering adventures i knew that a small staple gun would be really helpful today so i headed to sears to find the cheapest one possible. i got a craftsman for $10. score! and totally worth it. i've always had a partner when hanging posters so i didn't quite know what to expect on a solo mission. i grabbed a reusable shopping bag and loaded it up with the posters, staple gun, and tape. i slung my camera bag on my shoulder and hit the pavement.
my first stop was stubb's. this fence has seen its fair share of posters as is evidenced by all these staples. crazy!
i made my way down red river and onto 6th. after i covered that area i decided to go to south congress. 
that last one is probably my favorite. the tickets are being sold via frontgate tickets and in the background you can see the frontgate offices. i love it! haha! 
it was 93 degrees this afternoon and i wore jeans like a dumbass. i was SO hot and sweaty! it wasn't terrible though and it went by pretty quickly. and, in case you're wondering, hanging posters alone isn't tough at all. i was grateful for that. i hope these posters help. i really want to see a big crowd at this show! 

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