Sunday, June 7, 2009

sort of halfway

i skipped passion pit on wednesday night. i wasn't feeling too hot so i decided i should stay home and sleep. helio sequence was great on thursday! my only complaint was that they didn't play for very long. i think they played right at an hour. boo. animal collective was terrible. i heard that some of their recent shows were pretty boring but i was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. ughhh, yeah, i should have saved my $25 and gotten another good night of sleep. it was seriously the most boring show i think i've ever seen. it seemed like it was just all very self indulgent on their part. they were scheduled to play for 2 hours but we left after an hour.

tomorrow starts the gomez adventure! i am pretty pumped but i would be a lot more excited if i felt better. i seem to have come down with a cold. yesterday and today were pretty awful but i'm crossing my fingers for some sort of miraculous recovery tonight. send healing vibes my way, please!

my "stuff i love" post will be postponed until later in the week. it very well could be about gomez. or puffs plus with lotion. i think i'm loving both equally right now.

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