Sunday, June 14, 2009

stuff i love 3

this is late but you can't say i didn't warn you! i thought about skipping this one all together and just catching up this tuesday but i changed my mind. so here is last week's edition of stuff i love.
cameras. specifically my cameras. the ones i use most often are my canon sd630 and canon rebel xti. they are not the greatest cameras on the planet but i really love them. i can't imagine my life without pictures. i've loved taking pictures for as long as i can remember. my external hard drive is full...of pictures! sure, there's music on there, but the majority of space is filled with pictures. and i couldn't have all of those if it weren't for cameras. people who don't own or really use cameras confuse the hell out of me. i know lots of people who kind of rely on other people to take pictures of events they're at and that just seems boring to me. what about documenting the event from your own perspective? what if you see something that really catches your eye that you would like a picture of? are you going to ask your friend to take a picture of it? just do it yourself! it's fun, i promise. i guess some people don't think that a camera is a necessary expense but i beg to differ! yes, i've spent some money on cameras in my day but if you take care of them, they can last a really long time.
do you own a camera? if so, what kind? and while we're at one of your favorite recent pictures. one nice thing about having a camera with you at all time, you're able to take a picture of the beautiful texas sky after a tornado warning!

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