Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stuff i love 5

this week's edition of stuff i love is going to focus on something that i simply cannot live without. i'm sure there are many things that i think i couldn't live without but this particular item is vital to my survival...especially in the summer months.
yes, that's right, the air conditioner. i know that running the a/c uses quite a bit of electricity but i also know that when it's 105 degrees with 50% humidity, i don't have much of a choice. this summer is already brutally hot. i think 9 of the past 10 days have been over 100. and it's only june 23. temperatures like this should be reserved for august! last night we went to see jenny lewis at stubb's and i was so hot i threatened to take my pants off. i know i shouldn't have worn pants but i didn't have time to shave my legs so pants it was. for those of you who don't live in texas, or any other state that gets this hot, enjoy your beautiful summers. i sure do enjoy our beautiful "winters".

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