Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i am so annoyed!

i wrote about this yesterday but decided to delete it. well, now i'm more annoyed than ever so i'm back.
STOP WITH THE FUCKING EMAILS. i don't even know how you got my email address because i damn sure never signed up for your list in the first place. i've gotten at least 8 "subscription verification" emails from you, along with 3 emails that are completely blank. i am really sick of this crap. and, of course, your stupid emails don't include a way for me to contact the sender to be removed from your stupid fucking list. all it says is, "if you do not wish to subscribe, do nothing!" or some shit. well, i've done nothing and my inbox is being attacked with your crap. it would be one thing if i had ever signed up to receive your stupid ass updates, but i haven't. for the love of god, provide me with a way to get my email off your list!!!!!!!!


Joey said...

i'm getting pelted with the same thing. did a search this morning and found this. not a great way to start a campaign.

there just better be a legit way to unsubscribe when this is cleaned up.

stefanie said...

i understand the technical glitch but most of the addresses on her list never should have been there in the first place. whoever sold or lent those email addresses to her is just as responsible. she has no business sending ME any email, let alone 15 of them!