Wednesday, July 29, 2009

let me introduce to you

mr. swingsley wakarusa. he belongs to my nephew, nels, and will be accompanying me to san francisco tomorrow. his tag says "swingsley" and my sister and i gave him the last name of wakarusa. it's pronounced WHACK-a-rusa though. at some point during the gomez texas tour, tom was talking about playing the wakarusa music festival and that's the way he pronounced it. it really cracked me up! i've never heard anyone say it that way before. i've only heard it pronounced like WALK-a-rusa. i'm going to take swingsley around to show him the sites.
actually, i'm going to take pictures of swingsley wherever i go so i can make a book for nels someday. i might make it as soon as i get home but he probably won't be interested in it for a while. hopefully i get lots of fun pictures of him! swingsley probably won't go to the shows though because he doesn't have tickets.

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