Sunday, July 26, 2009

my experience at phara's

last saturday my friend casey had his birthday party at phara's. if you're too lame to click that link and investigate, phara's is a mediterranean restaurant/hookah bar/awesome place located on north loop here in austin. i had never been there before and didn't really know much about it so i didn't quite know what to expect. casey had actually reserved christopher's casbah for his celebration so we were in a separate building than the rest of the people there. i never went inside the main building so i have no idea what it looks like. christopher's is a cozy room with several tables. we only occupied about half of the space. phara's is byob which is great if you're trying to save money! casey had arranged for a massive food spread and, as far as i could tell, most of it was devoured.
the pictures featured above were actually taken a few days before the party, right before i found out that casey was celebrating his birthday there. i had spent the day taking pictures around town and had actually stumbled upon this place then. i wasn't familiar with it before that day. i wish i had pictures of the back area. i wouldn't call it a patio because it's not. it's just this massive space behind the buildings FULL of tables and chairs. it's really cool! phara's rents hookahs so people can enjoy those in the backyard. haha i don't know what else to call it! my favorite part of the night, aside from hanging out with lots of friends i hadn't seen in a while, was the belly dancers! they were so cool!! everyone was in awe of their skills. it was truly fascinating. i think i'll return to phara's soon and i recommend it to everyone. it was a fabulous place for a birthday gathering but i think it would be great on an occasion-less night as well.

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